This Academy is designed for the football official to participate in intense, NCAA 7-Official Mechanics, and hands-on training.

     How is it so intense you ask?  Minor League Professional Football teams from throughout the Intermountain West will participate in a tournament and play four games each day.  You, the Academy students, will be the officials.  Many of these players are former NFL and Division I athletes who hold their regular season from Spring to Summer, culminating the end of their season the last week in June.  It is only fitting that they gather in Salt Lake City, Utah the following week and hold a post season tournament.  They are the Stars, we…….no, YOU are the Stripes.

     In this Academy, we will have four 7-official crews.  Each crew will work three full games during the Academy with the top scoring crew working the Championship Game on Sunday.  The top rated official at each position will also be selected to work the League All-Star Game on Saturday night.  Along with officiating games, there will be classroom training with top rated college officials from around the country who bring their experience and relevant knowledge to share.  Each student will receive approximately 250 REAL snaps and over 20 hours of classroom training.

     The Academy will begin on Thursday, July 5 at 2:00 p.m. with classroom work and Academy orientation into the evening.  Games begin on Friday with two games in the morning and two games in the afternoon.  The same will be repeated on Saturday and Sunday.  The games will be played with 8:00 minute quarters and with all regulation timing rules being used.  These games will have what all NCAA games have including; pre-game meetings, pre-game duties, injury timeouts, dealing with coaches and players, measurements, ball mechanics, kicking plays, trick plays, halftime, post-game meetings, reports, etc.  This is real football!  All games will be video taped and reviewed in a classroom setting.   Games on Sunday will be played at Rice-Eccles Stadium, home of the PAC-12 Utah Utes.

     The level of football, style of training and evaluation, method of film study, crew interaction and competition are all designed to match the experience of being a Division-I football official.  That is the purpose of the Stars and Stripes Academy - To prepare officials for Big Time football.  The Academy instructors are all current BCS level officials who have worked Conference Championships and/or National Championships.  They want to help you get there too.

     Due to the number of crews we can accommodate, there will be a total of 28 on-field officials.  The cost to participate as an on-field official is only $650.  This is the fee for the Academy and does not include transportation, lodging, or meals.  We have rooms available at the City Centre Marriott in downtown Salt Lake City at a discounted rate.  The hotel has free parking and is near public transportation with access to the game sites.  There are many restaurants and eating establishments less than a pitching wedge away from the Hotel.  Staying at this hotel is not mandatory, but all meetings and training will held at that location.

OPTION A (Positions Full)

     Due to the level of football that will be played, this is not an Academy designed for a brand new official.  This Academy is designed for the varsity level high school official who is ready to dip his toe into the college ranks and see how 7-official mechanics work.  It is also designed for the official who has been working some lower level college football and wants to have more intense one-on-one training both on and off the field to hone their skills.

     Crews will be selected on a first come first serve basis based upon position.  If you have a group of officials wanting to all work together as a crew, this information needs to be noted on the registration form.  If you are coming solo, please note your first, second and third choice of position to work.  Registration forms will be reviewed for readiness to work this level of competition.


     Once the application period for non-field officials is closed, each non-field official will be assigned to a crew.  You will be a member of that crew and the Academy instructors will work just as hard to train you as they do with the on-field officials.  You will shadow the on-field officials in your crew and collaborate with the instructors in on-field training situations.  You will participate fully in all classroom training.  You will not be "second-class citizens" in any way, and at half the price you may actually get more return on your financial investment in regard to the training you receive.  Many "up & coming" officials want to get on the field to showcase their abilities to supervisors.  While that might be an indirect result of what we do, our goal at the SASA is 100% training.  The training experience you receive as a non-field official will be just as useful as that of an on-field official, although different of course.


A few other benefits of accepting this position is that you will in essence become an alternate official for anyone who drops out, gets hurt, etc.  It's likely a few on-field spots will open up for various reasons, so if you would like to fill those openings, you may have a chance to do so.  Also, if your preference is to be on the field, working a non-field spot this year will give you priority for on-field spots at the Academy in future years.

     Click below for the Preregistration form.  This form needs to be completed and emailed to

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